How to Start an Online Betting Career? 7 Tips for Newbies

Online Betting

The title of the text caught your attention, right? Pen and paper in hand, because you will receive many tips on how to get started in sports betting.

What are the general “rules” that a beginner needs to follow in order to be a more successful bettor and win more often? Or not to lose everything at once?

We have separated 7 tips that, if followed to the letter, will make you a rich man.

Set a betting budget

Bank management

Many people make sports bets and most of these people lose money. It is very likely that you as a beginner will also lose money, as this is the natural process.

This doesn’t seem to be any problem as long as you are learning. But, it will only become a big problem when you start losing that money not intended for that. And this is why it is absolutely vital to set a budget for gambling and stick to it.

It doesn’t matter how this budget will be made, weekly or monthly, you just need to make sure that the amount set aside to bet won’t be missed if you lose all of it.

You won’t win a lot overnight

Let’s face it, anyone who has only been gambling for a short time will only make a lot of money if they hit a big jackpot or if they have a lot of money to risk.

The vast majority of gamblers are not lucky enough to win a lot with a little money, nor have a lot of money to risk.

And if you win a lot overnight, will you be able to handle it? You may be the lucky one who won a lot at once and will probably make a withdrawal. But what if you gamble again and are not lucky enough to win a lot at once? You may become frustrated, so read item 3.

Think long term

There are many ways to explain the importance of the long term and I particularly like one.

Imagine that you are the owner of a company and that on its financial volume graph there are two situations. 1 – the graph shows that there is a very high value and sharp falls; 2 – the graph shows a steady rise. So which graph brings you more security?

Obviously it is chart 2. The profits can be the same from chart 1 to chart 2, the difference is that chart 2 aims for long term growth, and besides bringing security you know you are following the right path.

Bank management

Bet on the team

Nobody can have a consistent long term without bankroll management. It is one thing to define the money to bet, but it is another thing to manage it in sports betting.

The idea in this item is that you determine an overall value for each bet you make. Take the entire amount you have to bet and divide it. This division should contain the following fundamentals:

  • value; the value has to be enough so that you don’t bet for the sake of betting and don’t bet out of fear.
  • avoid bankruptcy; divide it in amounts that you will still have money in case you make a lot of mistakes in your bets, making the division 20x or more.

Be patient

Tell me, who made success in something by being impatient? There may be people like that, but they are in the minority.

We all want to earn money with bets, either to earn an extra income or to live off it. Few achieve this, and those who did have a long way to go, and without patience you wouldn’t achieve anything.

You won’t achieve what you want in the very first bets, so put your feet on the ground. It takes a lot of study, discipline and patience.

And the bigger your betting goals are, the longer it will take. So, go on making your bets in a patient way and develop more skill as much as possible, without haste.

Leave passion aside

Rooting for a Brazilian soccer team is normal, rooting for some European teams from different countries can also be, but don’t let your love for these teams speak louder than logic.

If the team you support/like is playing badly, avoid betting that they will win because you are just rooting for it. If your team is on a bad run of results it is more logical and profitable to bet against them.

Anyway, when analyzing a bet, the good bettor forgets the team he likes.

Bet on the team you like

I just told you to leave your passion aside and now I’m telling you to bet on the team you support. Am I being contradictory? Absolutely not.

It is one thing to analyze with passion, but it is another thing to analyze with rationality.

Usually, you know a lot about the team you support because you are always watching the games and following the news. This is great, because you have information to bet on, and this information is valuable. Therefore, bet rationally on the team you support or follow closely.

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