Top 5 best fights of the last decade

Conor McGregor

The UFC always had a ton of entertaining fighters on its roster. Some divisions are more exciting than the others, however pretty much every weight class has fighters who are delivering the fireworks. In the last decade, many amazing fights stole the show. We’re going to check out three of the most breathtaking fights of the last decade. If you’re willing to make a bet on a UFC fight, don’t forget to check out PlayAmo, where you can make comfortable bets. 

Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2

When it comes to the classics of the UFC, this fight can’t be left aside. Conor McGregor used to be the biggest star in the company at the time and he was looking to make the history. In the previous fight, McGregor scratched Jose Aldo’s legendary title run in just 13 seconds. From there on out, Conor wanted to make history and become the first double champ of the organization. But unfortunately for him, lightweight champ Rafael Dos Anjos received an injury and Nate Diaz happened to be a late replacement. Due to the weight issues, the fight took place in the welterweight division. The event took place at the UFC 196. McGregor looked sharp in the first 5 minutes, tagging Nate with precise and powerful punches. But everything changed in the second round, as Conor quickly gassed out, gave up his back, and tapped. Their rematch was booked a few months after. This time the fight was way more competitive. In the first two rounds, Conor managed to drop Nate 3 times but the Stockton Gangster came back in the third with his unmatched pace. Conor successfully took the 4th round and managed to survive the 5th.  In the end, the Judges announced McGregor as the winner. 

Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson

Jon Jones

Jon Jones is undoubtedly one of the greatest fighters of all time. In 2011, he won the light-heavyweight strap by viciously beating Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. Jones run through every legend and previous champion he faced and was awaiting a new challenge. This challenge happened to be Alexander Gustafsson. The Swede wasn’t even in the top 5, so many experts viewed him as a heavy underdog. Nonetheless, the fight was historic. Alexander started very actively, piecing up his opponent on the feet and taking him down. Jones managed to come back in the third, but Gustafsson proceeded with his work in the 4th. In the last minute of the 4th round, Jones caught him with a spinning elbow and almost finished his opponent. The 5th round was all Jones and he won the fight via unanimous decision. This was the first toughest test in Jon Jones’s career.

Robbie Lawler vs Rory Macdonald 2

This fight is regarded by many as the best fight of all time. Robbie Lawler was a reigning welterweight champion and Rory Macdonald was an upcoming challenger at that point. Robbie was known for his berserker style of fighting and brawling, while Macdonald was a more well-rounded and technical fighter. The fight took place on UFC 189. Both fighters started slowly and nothing significant happened in the first 2 rounds. As the crowd started boing, fighters turned the fight into a slugfest. Macdonald hurt Robbie in the third round with a head kick and went for the finish. The same thing occurred in the 4th round and Lawler miraculously survived both moments. In the 5th round, Rory went down after a straight punch from Lawler. His nose and face were literally broken and the physical pain was just too much. Both warriors received applause from the audience.

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